The real lady Cora invites you to stay at Downton Abbey… – By the time the nation retires to bed on Christmas Day, we may well have answers to some of the burning questions left dangling at the end of series five of Downton Abbey. Did mousy Anna really kill Mr Green?

Will Tom finally stop banging on about a new life in America and board the boat? Will Lord Grantham replace Isis with a labrador that isn’t named after a jihadist militant group? But what then? How will we make it through the tedious, aristo-free zone between Boxing Day and series six, without Cora and the gang to cheer our Sunday evenings?

Will we have to make do with reruns of Come Dine with Me? I may have the solution. From £350 a night, die-hard Downton fans will soon be able to bunk down in the gatehouse of the real-life abbey. London Lodge is one of the five entrances on the 6,000 -acre

Alexandra Gross
“The real lady Cora invites you to stay at Downton Abbey…”
The Sunday Times
14 December 2014